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Dear Parents/Guardians,  

This is your weekly update from Matthew Paterson Elementary School. Please make sure to read the reminder section below! 

School Highlights   

Last week was another great week for our students, faculty, and families. Our students continue to be engaged in the curriculum. Our third-grade students present their Passport project on the county they research to parents, teachers and fellow students. Our amazing PTO held the final school store of the year. Thank you to all those parents that helped out during this school year to make this happen for our students. Fourth graders enjoyed a trip to New Windsor Cantonment.

This Week at MPES!

Monday May 22nd   – Day 1 

Tuesday May 23rd – Day 2–  Fourth Grade Canoe Trip Amelio: AM Memmel: PM 

Wednesday May 24th  – Day 3 Fourth Grade Canoe Trip Zulauf: AM Allen: PM 

Thursday May 25th  – Day 4 Kindergarten Parent Orientation

Friday May 26th – ALL Carmel Schools Are Closed

Monday May 29th – Memorial Day ALL Carmel Schools Are Closed



As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing safety, communication and equity districtwide, Carmel Central School District has launched a new communication tool, Anonymous Alerts®. This tool enables students or parents to report urgent information to school officials quickly, easily and anonymously across all our school campuses. Through the Anonymous Alerts® mobile app or web-based reporting system, students, parents and staff can confidentially report incidents of bullying, cyber-bullying, and other sensitive topics through private messages to our administration. To place an incident report, students, parents and staff can simply visit the Carmel Central School District Anonymous Alerts website via a web browser or download a free iPhone/Android app by searching for "Anonymous Alerts" from the iPhone Store or Play Store respectively. After downloading the app, the activation code “carmelcsd” can be used to access the dedicated CCSD submission form. 

  • Kindergarten Registration for the 2023-2024 school year is now opened. Please visit the Carmel Central Website for online registration.

 Have a great rest of your day!   

Sincerely,  Mr. Michael Kirk   Principal

Latest MPES Headlines

  • Flat Stanley Adventures Begin at Matthew Paterson Elementary

    One school plus one book equals more adventures than you can imagine.
    Students at Matthew Paterson Elementary recently kicked off the One School, One Book initiative, which promises tons of reading fun. What book will all the students be reading? The choice was kept top-secret until a recent special assembly.
    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Third-Grade Students Find Words to Change the World

    Over several weeks, third-grade students in Mrs. Belasco’s class at Matthew Paterson Elementary School examined powerful words and statements from famous poets, activists and other historical figures, and discussed how to be “change agents,” or people who make the changes they want to see in the world. Each student was given a piece of paper to write a powerful word or a statement that they believed could lead to change.  

    Read more about the inspirational words of change our students chose.

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • First Grade Bubbles with Excitement over Volcanos

    It was an eruption of laughter, cheers and fun from first-grade volcano scientists in Ms. Clark’s class at Matthew Paterson Elementary School. The excitement was bubbling throughout a recent lesson on rocks and volcanoes, during which students created and painted a paper mâché volcano in the classroom. The end goal: to make it erupt!
    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Creative Engineering with Clay in Second Grade

    It was a fun afternoon of assembling and disassembling, constructing and deconstructing, and putting together and taking apart – all in the name of creativity and science for second-grade students in Mrs. Vickery’s class at Matthew Paterson Elementary.

    Working in small groups, students had a chance to construct different figures using clay and toothpicks. As one student constructed, the others sketched the result, each taking turns as the lead builder.

    Read a full story and see more photos of our engineers in action.

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Video Valentines for Veterans

    Local veterans received Valentine’s Day messages of thanks from district students this year and some cards included a special video message!

    With assistance from RTI Reading Teacher Janine Avitabile and Instructional Technology Coach Michele Love, a group of third-grade students at Matthew Paterson learned how to create short video messages using graphics, music and voiceover audio as a supplement to their hand-crafted cards for veterans.  

    See Valentine's Day video messages created for veterans by our students!

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Art Brings Good Fortune for Lunar New Year

    Third-grade students at Matthew Paterson Elementary School brought good luck, fortune and prosperity to the school building during Lunar New Year with their festive dragon artwork!  During lessons with art teacher Mr. Lombardo, students learned about the significance of the Lunar New Year holiday, how it is celebrated, and the role of the dragon symbol in Asian culture before creating one of their own.
    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Matthew Paterson Elementary Students Pledge to Become Heart Heroes

    Challenge accepted! Matthew Paterson Elementary students kicked off the annual Kids Heart Challenge with the American Heart Association last week and they are already busy learning about heart health and raising funds to help protect hearts.

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Savory Salt Art Sparks Creativity for Elementary Students

    A fun experiment with textures and designs created some savory results for third-grade students at Matthew Paterson Elementary School. Under the instruction of Art Teacher Alex Lombardo, the students used simple materials to make creative and eye-catching salt art.

    Read about the Salt Art projects and see photos of our students' work!


    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Elementary Students Learn the Origins of Lacrosse

    America's oldest sport, lacrosse, has origins that date back to 1100 A.D. and was played by Native American nations with matches sometimes including 100 to 1,000 or more men. The matches were often used as a social event or to help settle disputes and utilized wooden sticks with net baskets or pockets attached along with small balls wrapped in deer hide.

    Fourth-grade students in Mrs. Zulauf and Mrs. Adam's class at Matthew Paterson Elementary School learned about the Native American people of New York, specifically the local Carmel area, and the perseverance, ingenuity, and creativity they showed as people in so many things, including the game of lacrosse!

    Through a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) cooperative activity, our students tested their own perseverance, ingenuity, and creativity by creating lacrosse sticks using recyclable materials. The goal: to catch and toss a ball.

    Check out the lacrosse stick prototypes in action!

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Matthew Paterson Annual Thanksgiving Celebration Continues

    The tradition continued for third-grade students at Matthew Paterson Elementary School this year with the annual Thanksgiving Celebration. For more than 45 years, third-grade students and teachers have been gathering for a fun-filled day of seasonal activities, academic lessons, crafts, food and more – and this year was no different. See photos from the annual Thanksgiving Celebration.

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
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