Welcome to MPES Physical Education!

  • Welcome to Physical Education!!

Tips to stay HEALTHY!

 Get at least 9 hours of sleep

Be active for 1 hour/day

Limit Screen Time

 Drink lots of water

Eat seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Wash your hands  


Monthly Activities

   Winter fun!

Remember to Look for ways to be active outdoors in the winter here is a great program to look into...









FUN in Phys. Ed



  • Superintendent's Conf. Day-No School for Students

    Carmel Central School District
  • Labor Day-No School

    Carmel Central School District
  • Kindergarten Orientation-KES, KPS, MPES

    Carmel Central School District
  • Day 1

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School
  • School Opens for All Students

    Carmel Central School District
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