August 2022 

 Dear Matthew Paterson Kindergarten Parents, 

 On behalf of the faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you and your kindergarten child to our Matthew Paterson School family.  This letter includes dates for homeroom teacher information, password for home access, our MPES Kindergarten playdate and the first day of school for kindergarten students. 

 On or about August 15th, the district office will be sending home access/computer password letters. On August 26th, your child’s teacher will be posted via Home Access.  On August 18th, our PTO will be hosting a Kindergarten Play Date from 6 to 7 PM. You can visit for more information.  

 Please read the rest of this letter carefully so your child has a great start to his or her school year. 

 September 1st will be the first full day of school for grades 1-4 ONLYTHERE IS NO BUS TRANSPORTATION FOR KINDERGARTENERS ON SEPTEMBER 1.  Instead, you will need to bring your child to school from 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM, where you and your kindergartener will participate in an Open House.  Busing for kindergarteners and their first full day of school begins on September 2nd. 

 The Kindergarten Open House will give you and your child a chance to meet their teacher and the other students in the class, get acquainted with our building and for them to see their classroom. Upon your 9:30 AM arrival, please take your child to the auditorium/cafeteria.  Your child’s teacher will be waiting for them, and the teachers will then escort them to the classrooms.  At 10:00 AM, your child will board a school bus for a ride around the neighborhood. While your children are meeting with their teachers and riding the bus, parents will have a brief orientation.  

 There are two requests that we make at our Kindergarten Open House.  First, siblings cannot attend. We want to give our full attention to our new Kindergarteners.  Our second request is that if you wish to speak with the teacher about your child, please make an appointment for a conference with the teacher. 

 To make the transition from home to school as smooth as possible, we would appreciate your assistance in the following manner: 

 When school starts on September 2nd, the kindergartners will come into school on the regular elementary buses.  By the end of August, The Transportation Department will post in Home Access the bus route number, the pick-up/drop-off times, and the pick-up/drop-off location. 

  1. For the first day of school (September 2nd), it is recommended that you label all of your child’s outer clothing and possessions … sweaters, coats, boots, book bag, lunchbox, etc.  If an item becomes misplaced having a name on it helps to locate the owner.   Also, please pack a change of clothes in a Ziploc bag to keep in your child’s backpack in case it is needed. 
  1. Good communication is essential for your child’s successful school experience! Please feel free to contact the school at any time.   
  1. A supply letter is available on our website.  Any Health and Safety Protocols for the 2022-2023 School Year will be set from Carmel Central School District.   

 We look forward to working with you as your child begins his or her successful educational career at Matthew Paterson Elementary.  Thank you for your cooperation.  

 If you have any further questions, please call me at 845-878-3211 ext. 271. 


Michael Kirk 

Michael Kirk, Principal MPES 

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  • Yom Kippur

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    All schools dismissed 15 minutes earlier than the regular dismissal time in order to test the early dismissal response of the Emergency Management Plan.

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