Have you decided how you’ll celebrate National Reading Month yet? At Matthew Paterson every class spun a spinning wheel on Monday morning!  In each class two students received a token so they could visit our book vending machine.  The students were eager to select a book in honor of Read Across American week.  Here are a few tips to promote reading in your home.  Choose books that interest your child.  Kids love to read about otters, dinosaurs, rocks, rainbows, or any topic of their choice.  Read aloud even if it's only for 15 minutes each day.  You can also try reading rewards.  You can reward your child for reading daily. Our local library has a wealth of books and activities for you and your child.   

Friday, March 29-Friday, April 5-Spring Recess  - Give Back Day Monday, April 8 No School

There will be a visible solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024.  What is a solar eclipse?  A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, casting the moon’s shadow on Earth. This only happens occasionally, because the moon doesn’t orbit in the exact same plane as the Sun and Earth do.  The eclipse will begin and occur shortly after 2:00 p.m. Our PTO has purchased solar eclipse glasses for every student.  It is unsafe to look directly at the sun without specialized eye protection for solar viewing.  In the meantime, our school librarian will begin to read books to our students when they visit the library for special.  I will keep you updated on what we plan to do as a school community.  Here are some additional resources for you to learn more about the eclipse.   


Jenn Darling 

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  • Reading the Words Around Us

    The second grade teachers at Matthew Paterson Elementary School decided that one way to teach reading would be to work with the words all around us. What could be more fun than to have students read the words and phrases that decorate each other's T-shirts?  

    On T-shirt Day the lesson in Catherine DeGloria’s class was on phonemes – the sounds of speech. While there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, there are 44 phonemes, which include the sounds made by “ph,” “oo,” “qu” and many other pairings.  

    “We are learning phonemes and we’re going to be reading words by pieces – or phonemes,” DeGloria said. “We are going to take a look at the words on our shirts.”

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  • See Student Art Throughout the Community

    Art created by Carmel Central School District students will be on display at multiple locations around the community during Youth Art Month in March. The Annual Youth Art Month Student Exhibit is sponsored by the Carmel/Kent Chamber of Commerce. 

    “We have about 120 students represented this year,” said Christine Wisniewski, the district’s Art Department chair. “They have created work in ceramics, graphics, drawing, painting and mixed media.”  

    The student work is on display at Kent Town Hall, Patterson Town Hall, Carmel Town Hall, Putnam Hospital, Meadowlands of Carmel, Kent Public Library, Patterson Library and more. The Chamber of Commerce will judge the show and announce awards in April.  

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  • See Video of Carmel Schools' New Reading Program, CKLA

    The Carmel Central School District implemented a new reading program districtwide in the 2023-2024 school year. Watch this video to hear what students and teachers have to say about the Core Knowledge Language Arts, or CKLA, reading program. 

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  • Matthew Paterson is More Than a Building

    Each school day, Matthew Paterson Elementary School Principal Jennifer Darling stands near the front door and greets the students as they come to school.  

    “Good morning,” she says. “Welcome to school. Have a great day.”  

    Some children stop to chat, some smile in reply, and others simply rush on to their friends and teachers. 

    To Principal Darling, the important thing is that the children sense that school is a supportive, nurturing community where they are cared for and safe.  

    So, she set out to read the book “School Is More Than a Building,” by Kelley Donner, to every class in every grade at Matthew Paterson Elementary. The picture book, written by the popular children’s book author when her children returned to school after being at home during the pandemic, shows the importance of social connection.   

    Darling started reading the picture book to the fourth grade and is working her way down through the other grades. On a recent morning, she visited Michele Love’s third grade class.  

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  • One Word Project

    As an English teacher, Mallory Gray knows the importance of choosing the right word.  

     A member of the district’s Equity Committee, Gray helped her seventh-grade students think about the impact of words as part of the school district’s One Word Project. Then she guided the students as they turned their words into works of art.  

    The same process played out in each of Carmel Central School District’s five schools, where impactful words line the hallways.   

    "We did it during homeroom," said Gray, who teaches English at both George Fischer Middle School and Carmel High School. "The students thought it was cool. Our hope is that their one word is what they will turn to and keep in mind when they face hard times."  

    The Carmel Central School District Equity Committee’s goals for the 2023-24 school year included creating an affirming environment for our students, said committee member Michele Love, who teaches third grade at Matthew Paterson Elementary School. 

    The committee decided on the One Word Project, in which students choose one word to serve as inspiration for the year ahead. Students turned their One Word into a piece of art. Now the artwork is displayed in the hallways at every school and the words inspire students in every grade. 


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  • Mixing it Up with Kindness at Matthew Paterson Elementary

    Sariah picked a question from a pack of conversation starter cards and could not believe her good luck. It was about sports, her favorite subject.  

    “Who is your favorite sports player?” Sariah, a third grader in Michele Love’s class, asked the children at her lunch table.  

    “Mine is Brianna Stewart of the New York Liberty,” she said, starting off the conversation with a group of children she did not usually sit with at lunch. “She is a superstar. I love basketball.”   

    The activity was part of Mix It Up Day at Matthew Paterson Elementary School, one of the events in the school’s Kindness Week.  

    “Our PBIS study group developed and implemented a Kindness Week, starting with World Kindness Day and culminating in a Schoolwide Kindness Bingo, said Karen Wrobel, the school psychologist and chair for PBIS, or positive behavioral interventions and support.

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  • A Veteran's Day Visit

    To learn about what it means to be a Veteran, Catherine DeToma’s third grade class at Matthew Paterson Elementary had a visit from a Vietnam Veteran. John Claudet,  who happened to be Lucas's grandfather, told the class about life in the military.  The students had many questions and Mr. Claudet was happy to answer them. Mr. Claudet, who joined the Army when he was 20 years old and served in Vietnam, talked about basic training and exercise. He even told the class how helpful it was to exchange letters with his then girlfriend, now wife, AnnCarol Claudet.  
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  • Schools Host Senior Citizens for Thanksgiving Luncheon

    Senior citizens throughout the Carmel Central School District community were treated to an early Thanksgiving Luncheon on Wednesday, Nov. 8, at schools across the district.

    “Our community really wraps their arms around our seniors,” said Alice Holzmann, the family and consumer science teacher at George Fischer Middle School. “In each of our schools the students serve the seniors, make crafts for them, sing and entertain them and just spend time talking with the seniors. It is a real treat for our seniors and for our students.”

    The Carmel Teachers Association sponsored the luncheon. Holzmann, who has organized the Thanksgiving Luncheon for 39 years, said the Putnam County Office of the Aging helped coordinate the event, and that the hard work of the schools’ cafeteria staff made the feast a huge success.

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  • Getting to "One Carmel"

    More than 30 parents, students, teachers and administrators came to the Unity in Our Community event at Carmel High School on Wednesday, Oct. 25, to discuss ways to end divisions within the schools and bring Carmel Central School District residents together as “One Carmel.”  

    “Clearly, we are in a place where we are ripe for change,” Interim Superintendent of Schools Joseph McGrath said. “Just coming together like this makes our community stronger. Now, it is up to us to convert ideas into a strategic action plan.”  

    Led by Matt Latimer, the lead conciliation specialist for the U.S. Department of Justice, Community Relations Service, the event featured discussions about Carmel’s progress over the past few months.  

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  • New MPES Principal Jennifer Darling Brings a Wealth of Experience

    A funny thing happened when Jennifer Darling began as principal at Matthew Paterson Elementary School this summer; she kept meeting people who were Carmel Central School District alumni.  

    “I would meet teachers who work in the district, or local parents, and they would say ‘I went to school here, and I’m so glad my children go to school here,’” Darling said. “It seems that people who know it take great pride in the Carmel school district. It says a lot about a school community when you see that people want to keep coming back.” 

    Darling, whose background is in literacy, came to Carmel schools with a wealth of experience running a school and creating a positive school culture that encourages children and offers them all sorts of opportunities. A principal at Concord Elementary School in Ardsley for four years and a school administrator for 11 years, Darling holds a master’s degree in literacy from Hunter College of the City University of New York and a second master's in leadership for educational change from the Principal’s Institute at Bank Street College 

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