Update from the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

This is your weekly update from Matthew Paterson Elementary School. Please make sure to read the reminder section below! Attached to this email is a letter regarding school visitor and volunteer information.

School Highlights  

Last week was another great one at MPES for our students, staff, and families! Our students are actively engaged in the curriculum and instruction that our teachers are delivering. Our students were super excited for the return of the MPES PTO School Store. Thank you to all our PTO Volunteers! On Friday we showed off our school spirit by wearing Spirit Wear or school colors. Please contact the PTO at MPESPTO.org for information about Spirit Wear. 

This past Wednesday we had 2 hour early dismissal. On a 2 hour early dismissal students will have a 20 minute lunch period. On scheduled half days of school students do not have a lunch period. Breakfast is served on both an early dismissal day and scheduled 1/2 day. 

Upcoming Events  

Valentines for Senior Citizens/Veterans – Please continue to bring in Valentines for our local senior citizens and veterans.

Monday January 30th – Cycle Day 1

Thursday February 2nd- Groundhog Day - What's your prediction? Wear something for winter if you predict 6 more weeks of winter.(Ski Goggles, Winter Cap, Hockey Jersey) Wear something spring related (Sun Glasses, Visor/Cap, Baseball Jersey)

 Wednesday February 8th - Last day to submit PTO Valentines Grams


  • The MPES PTO is requesting contact information for guardians of MPES students, particularly 4th grade. The PTO would like this information so they can e-mail parents regarding PTO events, volunteering, and fundraising. Please complete this form if you give the PTO permission to have your personal information. Please use the link below to access the form https://forms.office.com/r/4RgeNe05PZ
  • We understand that at the end of the school day the MPES parking lot can get very full. As a reminder you may park at the district office or on the soccer field. For safety please do not double park or on our neighbor's property. We have put cones out at the end of the day to remind you that there is no double parking.
  • While we have been enjoying some mild winter temperatures, please know that we go outside for recess if the real feel temperature is 28 degrees or higher. Please make sure our students are prepared with the proper winter attire. If you are in need of a winter coat, please contact our social worker Mrs. Russo. Additionally, please review your child’s schedule so that they are prepared for special areas such as P.E (sneakers) and Library (books).
  • This school year we are on a 6-day cycle, January 30th is Day 1.Please follow the special area schedule your child's teacher provided.  
  • Please complete the following FORM for each child that does nothave a BUS/Cafeteria Zonar Card. https://forms.office.com/r/gRGYWjRqbs 

 Have a great rest of your day!  

Sincerely, Mr. Michael Kirk  Principal 

Latest MPES Headlines

  • Matthew Paterson Elementary Students Pledge to Become Heart Heroes

    Challenge accepted! Matthew Paterson Elementary students kicked off the annual Kids Heart Challenge with the American Heart Association last week and they are already busy learning about heart health and raising funds to help protect hearts.

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Savory Salt Art Sparks Creativity for Elementary Students

    A fun experiment with textures and designs created some savory results for third-grade students at Matthew Paterson Elementary School. Under the instruction of Art Teacher Alex Lombardo, the students used simple materials to make creative and eye-catching salt art.

    Read about the Salt Art projects and see photos of our students' work!


    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Elementary Students Learn the Origins of Lacrosse

    America's oldest sport, lacrosse, has origins that date back to 1100 A.D. and was played by Native American nations with matches sometimes including 100 to 1,000 or more men. The matches were often used as a social event or to help settle disputes and utilized wooden sticks with net baskets or pockets attached along with small balls wrapped in deer hide.

    Fourth-grade students in Mrs. Zulauf and Mrs. Adam's class at Matthew Paterson Elementary School learned about the Native American people of New York, specifically the local Carmel area, and the perseverance, ingenuity, and creativity they showed as people in so many things, including the game of lacrosse!

    Through a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) cooperative activity, our students tested their own perseverance, ingenuity, and creativity by creating lacrosse sticks using recyclable materials. The goal: to catch and toss a ball.

    Check out the lacrosse stick prototypes in action!

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Matthew Paterson Annual Thanksgiving Celebration Continues

    The tradition continued for third-grade students at Matthew Paterson Elementary School this year with the annual Thanksgiving Celebration. For more than 45 years, third-grade students and teachers have been gathering for a fun-filled day of seasonal activities, academic lessons, crafts, food and more – and this year was no different. See photos from the annual Thanksgiving Celebration.

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Third-Grade Students Engineer Ways to Catch a Turkey

    How do you catch a turkey? With a cage of course!
    Tom the Turkey was on the loose in Matthew Paterson Elementary School during the recent Grade 3 Thanksgiving Celebration and it was up to our young engineers to catch him. Using toothpicks, miniature marshmallows and their critical thinking skills, our students designed and constructed cages to catch Tom the Turkey and ensure he doesn't escape again!
    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Fire Department Recruits Matthew Paterson Kindergarten Students

    Patterson Fire Department has a new class of recruits... kindergarten students from Matthew Paterson Elementary School. It was a beautiful fall day and the perfect weather for our young learners to take a short walk through the neighborhood to visit the Patterson Fire Department where they got up close with different fire trucks and rescue equipment and learned the basics of fire safety.
    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • All Treats for MPES Halloween

    It was no tricks and all treats for Matthew Paterson Elementary kindergarten students on Halloween! There was a sea of Spiderman, witches, firemen, superheroes, princesses, baseball players and more on parade from the elementary school through the District's administrative office building in the annual event.

    See photos from the Kindergarten Halloween Parade.

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • MPES Collaboration & Creativity Inspired by Nature

    Check out a virtual gallery of art from Mr. Lombardo’s Grade 4 students at Matthew Paterson Elementary School from the FrOGS art show in October!
    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Making Connections on the MPES Court

    Our teachers connect with our students in the classroom every day through lessons and activities. Matthew Paterson Elementary Grade 4 Teacher Nicole Memmel recently found an opportunity to connect with her students through a fun basketball game on the playground during recess! Memmel is a former college basketball player and has coached all levels of basketball over the years.
    "I always keep my love alive for the game of basketball through teaching and having fun with the children," said Memmel. "I think it's important to find time in the day to create memories with the children. Sometimes this is where the BEST learning takes place!"
    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
  • Matthew Paterson Students Earn Books for Positive Behavior

    There is an appetite among the students at Matthew Paterson Elementary School and a new vending machine in the cafeteria is ready to satisfy that craving. However, the new machine does not dispense food – it dispenses books. The cost? A golden coin earned for showing good behavior! 

    Read the full story about the new book vending machine.

    Matthew Paterson Elementary School News
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