Emergency Closings

Information about school closings, delayed openings and early dismissal due to inclement weather or emergencies will be announced by several radio stations.  You can also call the Information Line at 225-1637 for a recorded message about school closings.  The Matthew Paterson Elementary School will also have a recorded message on voice mail apprising you of a delayed opening or closing. Automated calls will be made to each family from the District Office.   The following stations will provide information about the Carmel Central School District. In the event of an unannounced school closing or evacuation, children will not be able to make phone calls.  Please establish a plan for emergencies and share that plan with your child.

WPUT   Brewster  (1510 AM)              WLAD  Connecticut  (800 AM)                   WLNA  Peekskill   (1420 AM)     WHUD  Peekskill  (100.7 FM)

WMJV  Patterson  (105.5 FM)             WVIP   Mt. Kisco  (1310 AM and 106.3)    WOR    New York  (710 AM)                     

In the event of an emergency early dismissal, the following procedure will be followed:

  • Have an emergency plan on the same bus route. Rehearse the plan with your child. Students will not be able to call home.
  • Fill out the Emergency Form, return it to school and update the information if there are any changes by calling the main office. It is very important to update your information as it changes and at the beginning of each school year. Please remember to update phone numbers, work numbers, cell phone numbers, and numbers for neighbors/relatives in the event of an emergency.
  • Children will be sent home on their regular bus either to their home or to the day care provider.