Contacting Us

MPES serves children grades Kindergarten through grade 4 with approximately 500 students. Our school has 31 classrooms, a library, gymnasium, cafeteria, STEM lab, and multiple outside play areas.

School Contact Information

Matthew Paterson Elementary School believes in and supports positive, purposeful and meaningful communication between the school and home.

Close communication between school and home is important. Do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have a question or concern. The school phone number is (845) 878-3211. 

Parents will NOT need to call in on the day of a student absence.

All absences will generate a call home to the parent/guardian.

  • Students will be expected to return to school with a note explaining the absence.

All staff members have e-mail which follows the first initial and seven letters of the last name  ie John Sullivan

The school fax number (845) 878-3964.   

The district phone number (845) 878-2094.

The district website is

  • The Principal’s e-mail address is
  • CCSD website is
  • Teachers send communication to families about important classroom events.
  • Information appears on the local cable channel.
  • Meetings sponsored by the MPES PTO, our parent organization, provide a forum for important information about the schools.Please check your child’s book bag for important notices.


Respectful Timing

To provide students with an excellent learning experience, teachers spend many hours working outside of actual instructional time. Before school and during their planning time, teachers are often working to prepare for the next lesson. While teachers are happy to talk with parents, if you want to discuss your child’s progress, please make an appointment rather than just dropping by.  This allows the teacher to give you the attention you deserve. It also ensures that students have the complete attention of their teachers. Please do not drop by during teaching time and expect to have a conversation. While it may only be a few minutes, it takes the teacher away from the important job of teaching.

Curriculum Nights - September

This is an informative evening scheduled early within the first weeks of school.

It is planned for parents and guardians only. This is an opportunity to meet teachers, learn about the curriculum, and obtain information about the different organizations at our school.