MPES Students writing and speaking about the 6C's and the Habits of Mind at MPES!

Each month you can find the ideas we are sharing on these important topics at MPES.

Keenan's Corner - Focus on the Carmel 6 C's and the Habits of Mind

In June, we are focusing on the Carmel C of Critical Thinking and the Habits of Applying Past Knowledge and Thinking Flexibly

Critical Thinking means to analyze and evaluate evidence in order to come to a conclusion. Critical Thinking, therefore, includes the related skills of being creative, having an open mind and communicating your thinking with others to reach better conclusions.


In May, we focused on the Carmel C of Citizenship and the Habits of Managing Impulsivity and Taking Responsible Risks.

Every day, staff members distribute Panda Power Tickets to students who embody the 6 Cs and the spirit of the Habits of Mind. In terms of being a good citizen this month, students who, "do the right thing," are showing that they are good citizens who demonstrate the 4 Be's: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Kind!

In April, we focused on the Carmel C of Creativity and the Habits of Finding Humor and Innovating 

By Emilia H

One time I had to get creative was when my talent show partner decided to create her own backdrop for our act. At first, the paint colors we used didn't work, so we had to get creative. We decided to experiment and mix different paints. The paint colors ended up looking great on our backdrop and we were so proud of our hard work!

By Owen D

One time I had to get creative was when I was working with me Legos. I could not think of something to build at first, but suddenly I got an idea. I was going to build a giant Lego space station. It was really hard to make and took me hours to complete. It was one of the hardest things I ever built, but I was very happy with my final product. It was so cool!

By Mr. Keenan

Creativity can be defined as the ability to come up with new ideas through a mental process of connecting existing concepts.

Robert Kennedy, a famous statesman, once quoted the author George Bernard Shaw to say, "Some look at the world and ask why. I dream of things that have never been and ask why not?"

In March we focused on the Carmel C of Critical Thinking

By Physical Education Teacher, Mrs. Palmieri

Coach Memmel and I often talk to our classes about personal space. Personal space is important throughout our school. It keeps us from falling on, tripping over or bothering our classmates.

Athletes like baseball and basketball players, dancers, skaters and cheerleaders need to strive for accuracy. They don't want to crash into a teammate or drop a ball. They need to know where they need to kick or throw to get a goal or a basket. Can you imagine a cheerleader, dancer or skater falling on the ground because their partners weren't accurate catching them? CRASH! Practice keeping your own personal space. It will help you when you decide to participate in a sport or keep you safe in school.

February's focus at MPES

The Habits of Persisting and Remaining open to Continuous Learning and the Carmel C of Collaboration

By 4th Grader Isaiah O

One time I was persistent was when I was playing soccer. I needed to get a goal, but I tried and I lost. The second time I also lost. The third time I ran as fast as i could to the ball and I kicked and i finally got a goal. That is a time when I was persistent.

By 4th Grader Kylie R

In my first lacrosse game my team played the hardest team in the league. My team and I never stopped trying. We only scored twice, but we saved a lot of goals. In the end, we lost the game because the other team got two goals and got one, but the important thing is we never gave up on each other and remained persistent.

By 4th Grader Jade T-H

A time I was persistent was when I was at home making a drawing in bed one night. I was messing up and had to erase so much that it made marks all over my paper. I liked how it turned out at the end, but I was frustrated in the middle of the drawing process. Even though I was frustrated, I did not give up and now I have that drawing in a special drawer in my room. Never give up kids! (I love this message, but I don't think it applies only to kids! - Mr. Keenan's comment.))

January's focus at MPES

Communicating with Clarity and Precision, Posing Questions and Solving Problems

January Student Writing 

By 4th Grader Vicky V

The most important thing that people need to remember is to speak clearly, with clarity and precision so others understand what you're saying. So, if you said, "I'm bad at this," and your teacher asks you what you are bad at, you might say, "I'm bad at the box method for multiplication." Then, your teacher would say, "OK, let me help you with that." I'm going to speak clearly and specifically, so people know what I am saying.

 By 4th Grader Kailyn M

The most important thing to remember to do when communicating with others is to speak clearly and kindly. I wrote this because if you don't speak clearly, someone might not know what you are talking about, and if you don't speak kindly, it might hurt other people's feelings. A goal that will help me improve my ability to communicate effectively with others is, before speaking to someone, stop and think about what i should say. Make sure of how it sounds and what what I am saying. If I think before I communicate I have a better chance of speaking clearly and kindly.

By 4th Grader Damanyeli F

The most important thing to remember to do when communicating with others is speaking clearly, saying the right words, and also not responding in a mean way. What I choose is to be creative and exact when I speak. 

By 4th Grader Jennifer P

Hi! Do you want to become a 6C student? Well, I will help you with how to be one. You need to be kind and help others. Did you know Mr. Keenan made posters everywhere in our school so we can be kind and not be unkind students. Schools are for learning and being nice to students and staff. In our school, we give out panda power tickets. Panda Power tickets mean you are a kind and helpful person and good to students. So, our school is kind and helpful , so we can make our school an awesome and cool school! I hope you can be a 6C student.

December's focus at MPES

Creativity, Responding with Wonderment and Awe and Thinking Flexibly



November's focus at MPES

Critical Thinking/Meta-cognition

November Student Writing

By second grader Anne W

This month's habit of mind is thinking about your thinking. I use this habit when I solve word problems. I have to decide if I add or subtract or re-group. I think about my checking to see if I am right.

By second grader Isabella D

This month's habit of mind is thinking about your thinking. I use this habit when i revise and re-read in writing. I re-read and add details so the reader understands and can visualize it.

By second grader Joslyn T

This month's habit of mind is thinking about your thinking. I use this habit when I use a partner score sheet. I have to think about what is my responsibility. Are we working together and helping each other?!


October's Focus at MPES:

Compassion/Listening with Empathy and Understanding

Did you know?

Did you know that each playground at MPES has a buddy bench? A buddy bench is a place to sit if you are looking for someone to talk or to play with. If you notice that someone is on the buddy bench, go sit with them. It's a perfect opportunity to show compassion and empathy and it will fill both your buckets.

October Student Writing

By 3rd Grader Logan B

One time I felt compassion was when I helped my friend with his work. I helped my friend with math when he didn't understand how to regroup in subtraction. I saw he was getting frustrated. So, I tried to explain to him how to regroup two different ways. We worked together and finally he understood. This was a time that I showed compassion toward my friend.

By 3rd Grader Rosa C

One time I showed compassion was when I helped my friend at recess. When I first went out to recess I asked my friend if she would like to play jump rope with me. So, we jumped for a while and then I took a break. She kept jumping and she was trying to jump too fast. I told her to slow down and be careful. Suddenly, I heard her  crying. I asked if she was alright. She said she fell and was bleeding. I looked at it and it looked bad. So, I took her to the nurse. Then, I walked her to her classroom. That was a time when I showed compassion to my friend.

By 4th Grader Giada A

It is important for citizens to show empathy and compassion within our school community because some people are sensitive, but don't want to be alone. For example if someone is on the buddy bench go and introduce yourself, say, "hi," and see how it goes from there. Another example could be if someone is sad, go talk to them and listen to them. Furthermore if someone is struggling, help them out. Additionally, if someone is having problems at home, talk them through the situation. Lastly, if someone comes to school mopey, talk to them and turn their mope into a smile. Empathy and compassion are so important to our school community because it makes each of us a better person. 

By 3rd Grader Justin P

In class we read a story called, "Each Kindness." This book showed how some people do not show compassion to others. One way the book did not show compassion was because there was a new girl named Maya and one time she brought jacks to school and asked to play with Chloe, but Chloe gave her a mean look and walked away. One way they showed compassion was by Maya giving Chloe a smile.

By 3rd Grader Cadence S

In school there was a new kid in my class and I included him and asked what his name was. His name is Christopher and he is a nice kid who likes video games. He shows compassion and is a friend to everyone. I showed him compassion when I said, "hello," to him and I think that I made his day!

 By 4th Grader Ernisa K

It is important for citizens to show empathy and compassion within our school community because you can change someone's day around. That little compassion you show can help anyone feel better. You can show empathy and compassion by playing with some one that has no one to play with. Also, you can go to the buddy bench and if you see someone you can go up to them and say, "Can I play with you," or, "What's wrong and why are you sitting on the buddy bench?" That is how you can show empathy and compassion and some ways you can show compassion and empathy.

By 4th Grader Ciana J

It is important for citizens to show empathy and compassion within our school community because it teaches others the value of caring for each other. Showing compassion and empathy is to include students in your activities and to offer to help them with school work, and also to hug them if they're not feeling well.

By 4th Grader Emilia H

Showing empathy and compassion is very important. It is important for everyone to have empathy and compassion because if we don't people may feel unimportant or sad. One way you can show empathy is if someone is alone, go hang out or play with them. Another way you can show empathy is by helping someone through a rough time. After reading this, I hope you show compassion and empathy to others.

By 4th Grader Andrea W

It is important for citizens to show empathy and compassion within our school community because you can inspire other citizens to to be empathetic and compassionate. Here are some ways that you can be empathetic and use compassion. One example is you can help somebody solve a math problem. A second example is you can help a new student and guide them around the classroom. My last example is asking somebody to sit with you at lunch or play with them at recess. Those are some ways that you can be compassionate and empathetic.


September's Focus at MPES: Citizenship/Working Interdependently

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018
By 4th Grader Emily W

This is why I think it is important to be a good citizen within our school community. A way that we can be good citizens within our school is we can be respectful to our surroundings. For example, if children are working in a class we can be a good citizen by being quiet in the hallways. Another way that we can be a good citizen within our school is that we can help others if they need our help. For example, if someone is stuck on a math problem, you can try to help them figure it out. My last way that you can be a good citizen is you can respect the teacher. For example, if the teacher is busy, you can ask the person sitting next to you if you have a question. That is why I think it is important to be a good citizen within our school community.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2018
By 4th Grader, Jaiden MO

We have been talking about citizenship this month in my classroom and here are some of my own thoughts I would like to share:

I think it is important to be a good citizen in our school community because we need good citizens to make our school better for everyone. One way students can be good citizens is to be kind to others. Another way students can be good citizens is to listen to other students and teachers. One more way students can be good citizens is by respecting all students and teachers in our school. These are some ways you can be a good citizen in our school community!

September 27, 2018

By 4th Grader, Breyana S

It is very important to use citizenship throughout the school. There are lots of ways that you can show that you're a good citizen too! If you don't know how to be a good citizen, it's actually really easy. You can show citizenship by not just taking care of your community, but by being kind to the people in the community. You can show that you are a citizen by picking up any trash that you see in your community. The only thing is, if everyone doesn't participate in being a citizen in taking care of their surroundings, your community won't be the best it can possibly be. That is why it is very important to show citizenship around your community.


September 28, 2018

By 4th Grader Alyssa M

I can display citizenship by walking quietly and having self control in the halls. Another way I can display citizenship is by eating your lunch quietly in the lunch room and raising my hand to ask a question. Also you can show citizenship in a special class by listening to the teacher and following directions. The last way I can show citizenship is by working as a team in class and working nicely together. These are 4 ways everyone can display citizenship for each other in our school community.


By 4th Grader Kaelyn M

Citizenship is one of Carmel's 6 Cs. One way I can be a good citizen is being quiet at the appropriate time. For example, I can be quiet when someone is speaking and give him or her the attention they deserve. Another way I can be a good citizen is being kind. For example, I can ask somebody to play with me at recess even though I don't usually play with them. One more way I can be a good citizen is following the directions I was given. For example, if the teacher asks you to take out your Social Studies folder, you do it the first time he or she says it. These are just three ways that I, well everyone, can be a good citizen.


By 4th Grader Jesus M

I showed citizenship when I saved Fred ( a class gummy worm used for science experiments,) because we let everyone have a turn. I can show citizenship when I'm in a group by sharing and taking turns. It looks like everyone is discussing and no one is all by them selves. It sounds like a level two (indoor voice,) and everyone is taking turns and not yelling and not all talking at the same time.

By 4th Grader Alexandra E

I can show citizenship by helping others like helping someone if they get hurt. I can be a good citizen in our class and school by being quiet in the halls and in our class I show respect for my teacher. When you are in a group of people you should work with each other and share each other's ideas. When I am in a group with my friends, we share our ideas and do not fight over ideas. Citizenship is really important in the Carmel 6 Cs.


In April we have been focusing on Creativity. In May, we will be focusing on Citizenship and Managing Impulsivity.